Metal Pressings / Metal Stampings

What are Metal Pressings / Stampings?

Metal Pressings / Metal Stampings is the manipulation of sheet metal into specific shapes, whether two or three-dimensional.

How does Metal Pressing work?

Once the sheet or roll of material has been fed into the metal press, a blank will be used to cut the metal to the necessary dimensions and size. The press will then be used to form the shape according to the needs of your project.

Depending on the complexity of your required component, there may be a need for a number of “runs” in order to complete the presswork.
In this case, we may recommend out Progression Presswork services in order to optimise efficiencies in terms of both production time and cost to you.
Whichever is the most appropriate process we recommend for you, our skilled engineers will apply the same care and attention to production and fabrication whatever the scale of the project.

We continually sample during production runs in order that our Quality Control department can ensure every single item remains within the high standards of product excellence we insist on.

metal pressings

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